My path to a better life, documented– warts and all.

This website will be a documentation of my journey to a better life: better health, better career and better friends.

But this won’t be a personal diary, where people can see my life’s dramatic  moments unfold, as if it’s the latest Kardashian scandal.

Instead, I want this website to be an objective and quantified collection of my goals, life systems, lessons learned, habits (good or bad),  and failures experienced along the way.

Expect weird but not so extreme self-experiments ala Tim Ferris, weekly logs of lessons I learned while working on my goals, quotes from books, notes from self-improvement and writing related courses.

I’m not just a weird, self-help junkie though. I love cooking, eating and basically anything outside my comfort zone. So I’ll also document my attempts to learn new things, like ice skating, trapeze flying, archery and more.




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