I originally planned to fill this blog with my journal entries and the lessons I learn from books and courses I’ve taken. But somehow, I didn’t write on this blog as often as I planned. Even though I had several entries in Evernote, I never took the time to convert them to text and publish them here.

I’m hoping to change that starting now.

Here’s an entry from my personal journal written back in May this year.

It’s Friday, the last work day of the week and I don’t feel like doing anything productive at all.

Here are three possible reasons:

  1. I’ve written two articles, the Rejection letters post for, and a guest post for another client. Maybe, unconsciously, my brain thinks the $140 I earned from those two articles is ‘high enough.’

Yes, $140 for three days (Monday to Wednesday) is great, but $140 for 5 days isn’t enough. It’s just average. It’s as if I’m back in a newbie call center job.

  1. I woke up late today. Prior experience suggests I have a tendency not to work, or start working late, if I wake up past 5 PM.
  1. For some reason, phrases like “I’m feeling lazy” and “I don’t feel like working” keep popping up in my head. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy that I need to reverse.

Lessons I learned based on these observations:

  1. Don’t calculate my income and performance based on a per article or per day basis. Instead I should think about my income per week. Right now, my minimum target is at least $250/week.
  2. Stop negative scripts like “I’m lazy.” Examine why I think that way instead, and do either:
    1. Continue with my planned to-do list as usual. Don’t depend on my mood for productivity.
    2. Try to ‘reset’ the day by meditating, napping, or journaling.
  1. Try to wake up by 3 PM, and no later than 4PM even if I sleep late or if I haven’t slept enough hours. If I lack sleep, I’ll nap later in the day instead of waking up late.


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