Morning habits and observations

Continuing my publication of previous journal entries, here’s another one from last May again.

For at least two weeks now, I noticed the following:

  1. I wake up feeling okay, but productivity and motivation dips when I start watching tv. Duh! I know it’s so obvious, but sometimes it’s ingrained so bad my hand automatically reaches for the remote as I drink my morning coffee. It distracts me even if there’s nothing good to watch.
  2. I get a headache and feel tired after spending a few minutes under the sun, even if I’m swimming. I discovered that drinking cold water and 1 piece of chocolate relieves it a bit. Is this because I’m dehydrated or just that I don’t do well under the sun?
  3. I feel tired and literally gasping for air after lunch, usually about 8PM. If I nap, I feel better afterwards. But if I force myself to work, my output is terrible and my breathing doesn’t improve even after a few hours pass.

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