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Morning habits and observations

Continuing my publication of previous journal entries, here’s another one from last May again.

For at least two weeks now, I noticed the following:

  1. I wake up feeling okay, but productivity and motivation dips when I start watching tv. Duh! I know it’s so obvious, but sometimes it’s ingrained so bad my hand automatically reaches for the remote as I drink my morning coffee. It distracts me even if there’s nothing good to watch.
  2. I get a headache and feel tired after spending a few minutes under the sun, even if I’m swimming. I discovered that drinking cold water and 1 piece of chocolate relieves it a bit. Is this because I’m dehydrated or just that I don’t do well under the sun?
  3. I feel tired and literally gasping for air after lunch, usually about 8PM. If I nap, I feel better afterwards. But if I force myself to work, my output is terrible and my breathing doesn’t improve even after a few hours pass.

Automating my life is harder than I thought

This year I promised myself that I’d only concentrate on a few goals. To make things easier, my plan is to build systems to turn these goals into bite-sized steps I could plug into my calendar and treat just like any other paid work.

Turns out, automating my life–or at least certain parts of it–is harder than I imagined. There are so many moving parts that even days of brainstorming and planning wasn’t enough.

So far, I have successfully automated the reminders and stakes for almost all my big wins.

  1. Eating a Slow-Carb Breakfast 6 times a week, 30 minutes to an hour of waking up
  2. Light leg exercises after lunch Pitching international magazines (my big career goal for 2015!)
  3. Going out and meeting more friends (to push me out of my comfort zone)
  4. Build my very own, personal development blog– no woowoo inspirational stuff. Truth, data, goals and good ol’ actionable stuff.

So far, I’m not doing very well. Life keeps getting in the way. Planning habits and the corresponding punishments isn’t the end game, after all. I still need to execute the plan.

2015 is the Year of Systems and Grit: The Year I Say No to My BS Excuses and Achieve MORE in Life