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Questions and Bad Ideas

A list of questions that randomly pop in my head from time to time, sometimes triggered because of what I’ve read or watched, or sometimes just the crazy in me wondering about things with no simple answers.

  1. Which is better in the long run, monogamy or polyamory? If humans evolved to be polyamorous, why is marriage/monogamy the main social construct today for relationships?
  2. What constitutes as flirting? Why is it different for men and women?
  3. Are all politicians corrupt or is it politics that corrupt them?
  4. Given the right person, is everyone capable of cheating? Does being in love make it difficult or does a wonky/relationship on edge make it easy? Is it physical need that makes some guys susceptible to cheating?
  5. Do most guys on long distance relationships cheat or have casual relationships at one time or another?
  6. What happens after people die?
  7. Do people’s internal dialogue stop when they kiss someone special? You know like in the movies with fireworks and all that jazz? Will it always be that way when you kiss that person or is that a one-time thing that happens on your first kiss with that person?
  8. Why do men like boobies and armpits? Why armpits??
  9. How do people know they’re falling in love? Are they aware when they’re starting to fall for someone? I am unusually hyper-aware of when this happens to me, but only because I know the biological and psychological signs, but is it like this for others who don’t see love as a chemical/biological reaction? Are butterflies involved?
  10. Is it really possible to live a life without regrets?
  11. Why do flat-earthers insist the earth is flat despite overwhelming evidence?
  12. Is motherhood really worth it? How come some mothers regret it? Do I really want it, now that I know it’s not a definite cure for my chronic illness despite what previous doctors have advised?
  13. Why do people’s heart beat fast when they’re with someone special? Aside from adrenaline, exercise, fear, remorse, love, and palpitation, what other reasons are there for a racing heart? Do people know why their hearts beat fast the moment it happens? Or is it only in retrospect that they realize?
  14. Why are some people more realistic while others are so crazy optimistic? Is it passed life experiences that cause this, or is there something in their genes that make them so?
  15. How can the double standards between men and women when it comes to relationship, attraction, money, work, children, be leveled out? What can women do?
  16. Why does Jesus’ face look like Charlemagne? Was the image inspired from him?
  17. Why do good people die young?

Automating my life is harder than I thought

This year I promised myself that I’d only concentrate on a few goals. To make things easier, my plan is to build systems to turn these goals into bite-sized steps I could plug into my calendar and treat just like any other paid work.

Turns out, automating my life–or at least certain parts of it–is harder than I imagined. There are so many moving parts that even days of brainstorming and planning wasn’t enough.

So far, I have successfully automated the reminders and stakes for almost all my big wins.

  1. Eating a Slow-Carb Breakfast 6 times a week, 30 minutes to an hour of waking up
  2. Light leg exercises after lunch Pitching international magazines (my big career goal for 2015!)
  3. Going out and meeting more friends (to push me out of my comfort zone)
  4. Build my very own, personal development blog– no woowoo inspirational stuff. Truth, data, goals and good ol’ actionable stuff.

So far, I’m not doing very well. Life keeps getting in the way. Planning habits and the corresponding punishments isn’t the end game, after all. I still need to execute the plan.

2015 is the Year of Systems and Grit: The Year I Say No to My BS Excuses and Achieve MORE in Life