Ber Months Rolling In

It’s September already?

That means I only have four months to accomplish the big wins I set out for myself this year.

A measly four months until the year is over, and barely three and a half months to save up for my solo trip to Hong Kong this December.


(Cue panic attacks)

Deep Breaths…

1, 2, 3, 4…. Really?? This is all happening too fast.

Four months before another year is over, and soon I’ll be counting down months til I’m 27?

Either time moves too fast, or I’m spending too much time doing god knows what!

Changes are in Order

Whatever the case, some changes are in order. If I want to start vagabonding next year and not waste the three sets of tickets I ALREADY paid for, I need to get my act together.

First, let me recount what I wanted to accomplish, vs what I actually did:

Plans Status
Write for international magazines Still ongoing
Go out more with other friends and freelancers Failure so far
Get a new credit card Not yet done
Eat more and exercise more Eat more — success.

Exercise more — failure because of leg pains

Go back to ice skating Not possible due to injury. I already tried again, but I can’t sustain it enough to train
Write for my personal blog Failure so far
Get an HMO Success
Stabilize my income Success

Out of list above, these are the items I can still work on given my time constraints and heavy workload:

  • Write for an international magazine
  • Get a new credit card for travel and online expenses
  • Go out more
  • Write for my personal blog — 100 days of rejection challenge as the topic

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